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3 Life-Changing Websites for New Moms. Or anyone.

Alison EmerickComment
3 Life-Changing Websites for New Moms. Or anyone.

It has been six months since I became a mom (where. did. all. that. time. go.???!!!!) and I have definitely had to adjust my life in a lot of ways. Some of the simplest things that I used to be able to do without a second thought have become an arduous process. I am all about simplifying life right now and making things easier. Here are two sites that have made my life way easier:


Amazon Prime Now. 

I can now grocery shop while Nigel sleeps. And the groceries arrive in time for dinner. And the groceries come from Sprouts (where I shop anyway). And it is FREE! Well, free with an Amazon Prime membership (I mean, it is 2017 - who DOESN'T have Prime membership these days?!) I am seriously loving this service. I simply shop from home, right while I'm looking at my pantry/fridge or the recipe I want to make for dinner that evening. I figure I actually save money shopping this way, since I don't make as many impulse purchases shopping like I do in the store. 

A few drawbacks: 

1. I don't like how much packaging they use with the groceries. I guess they are trying to keep cold things cold, but Sprouts is like 5 minutes from my house so I'm not sure why they need that much packaging... I think it is all recyclable so I'm trying to get over it.

2. The produce. You don't get to pick the exact banana or avocado and it seems like the shoppers like to pick things on the very not ripe side of things. Like you will need to wait 5 days for your bananas to ripen (if they ripen at all). I wish there was a way to make a note of what you'd like. 

3. $30 minimum. This is not really a drawback, but you need to spend at least $30 on your groceries in order to have them delivered. I don't remember the last time I spent less than $30 on groceries, so not really a problem.

4. Not available to everyone. They only deliver to certain areas :(

Grove Collaborative

I've been working hard at changing all our beauty and cleaning products to green and non-toxic. A lot of times at the store they are out of the scent I want or it is hard to find what I want online. With Grove Collaborative I can order everything I need in one place for the same price I pay at Target or Sprouts. And it is delivered to my house (noticing a theme here?) Plus if you use this code, you will get $10 off (and so will I!) I've really enjoyed this site and think you will too. 

Barre3 Online Workouts

I used to go to exercise classes 3-4 times a week pre-pregnancy/baby. That is pretty much impossible now due to the time it takes to get to a class/childcare considerations and tiredness levels. I am so happy that one of my favorite studios, Barre3 has online classes! Now I can take a quick 30 minute class while baby naps right at home, and most classes require very little equipment - just a yoga mat! I find that if I can move just a little bit each day, I feel so much better! And the Barre3 classes help me get stronger, as I'll need the strength for carrying an ever-growing baby! The subscription is really affordable at $29 per month, and if you use this code, you'll get $10 off your first month! There are even prenatal classes for pregnant friends!