My Top 6 Travel Apps

I can't even remember what travel was like pre mobile phone... how did we survive?! We used these apps on our trip and found them so helpful! 

google maps.jpeg

We used this all the time while driving around and we (barely) got lost! We found it to be less accurate at routes than in the U.S., but still had good maps we could follow wherever we were to get us where we wanted to go!

trip advisor.png

2. Trip Advisor

This app is great for finding places to stay and great places to eat. The reviews are up to date, and pretty helpful! They also list top things to do in each city, with reviews that often have helpful information on routes, parking, times to go etc. We used this daily!





We didn’t have all of our lodging booked before we left for our trip. It was super easy to find a last minute place to stay on Airbnb (again, make sure to carefully read reviews before booking anywhere). Between this app and we found places to stay a breeze! Plus we could book through the app, so we didn’t have to have cash on hand for lodging - it automatically billed our credit card on file.


google translate.jpeg

If you haven’t tried this, it is pretty amazing for major languages! You can use your camera on text (think menus, street signs) and it will translate for you! Amazing! It is not perfect, but when it works… woah. I really wish this had been around when I lived in Japan!


white noise.jpeg

At home we have a sweet white noise machine to block out other noises and keep our babe sound asleep. It is too big to take on trips, but luckily there are a plethora of white noise apps for your phone that make it easy to recreate that sweet static sound! We were thankful we had it in several noisy rooms we stayed in!

mobile passport.jpeg

This app is seriously a game changer for international travel. I kind of don’t want to tell you about it so the lines will stay short but it is so great I can’t keep it a secret. You just fill out the information on the app, submit when you land, and breeze through customs. There was one person ahead of us in line when we used it. We’ve used Global Entry for years, but it seems kind of obsolete with this app. Getting through US customs can be tough, and this app could mean the difference between making and missing your flight!